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Sasha Sklyar, owner of Revive Skin Spa Care in San Carlos, uses electroporation to tighten and enlighten the skin.

At Revive Skin Spa, we use top of the line technology for Anti-Aging for immediate and long lasting results. our Innovative Skincare Devices force cell turnover, stimulate production of collagen and elastin. If you preview RESULTS page, for the incredible changes after only a few treatments.  Please call with any questions.  



All treatments include 15 minute LED Light Therapy, which stimulates production of collagen and elastin, promoting the beauty within, leaving you with a glow.  As well as a hand massage.


Oxygen Infusion   60 min   

State-of-the-art oxygen technology meets restorative relaxation to create the Oxygen Infused Facial. This is another celebrity endorsed facial, from Victoria Beckham to Katy Perry, and Madonna, this is a facial that everyone is talking about. $150.00 

  • Maximizes hydration and skin volume
  • Delivers effective anti-ageing ingredients
  • Smooths expression lines and wrinkles
  • Improves uneven skin pigmentation
  • Skin looks brighter and more radiant
  • Instant results you can see

IPL/LHE Photofacial    45 min this treatment will force cell turnover/ rejuvenation, best for lightening the brown spots  $150.00

Sleeping Beauty   – 60 min  PHOTO therapy (forces cell turnover) and Oxygen Infusion -hydrates, fills in fine lines, promotes even tone..  $145.00

Sunkissed  60 min Oxygen Infusion and Radiofrequency… this treatment will concentrate on hyperpigmentation, tightens and lifts  $145.00

Immune Boost  60 min LED Light Therapy and Oxygen Infusion/Hydration facial, this treatment is geared towards those who are in the process or have just completed a series of chemotherapy, we will boost your cell rejuvenation, forcing the new healthy cells to bring back the glow   $145.00

Reducing Pores 60 min Radiofrequency and PhotoTherapy  this treatment will concentrate on hyperpigmentation, tightening, lifting and reducing pore size  $145.00

Radio Frequency (Mini LIFT)  60 min with a combination of Radiofrequency (NANO),  we will demonstrate almost immediate results in tightening and lifting $150.00 

Girls Night Out   30 min Oxygen Infusion and LED Light Therapy).. come by prior to your date or GNO, and you’ll leave looking illuminating, ready for the night on the town $65.00

BACK  Acne 45 min  dermabrasion, enzyme, and LED Light Therapy BLUE light, specializing in fighting bacteria  half back –$75.00;  full back  –  $115.00  (preferred 4-6 treatments)

Acne – 30 min Ultrasound and LED Light Therapy BLUE light, specializing in fighting bacteria (preferred 4-6 treatments)  $65.00

Neck Lift   (add on) –15 min   Electroporation, using electrical current to stimulate the cells which in turn tightens and lift  $40.00

Eye Rejuvenation  (add on) – 15 min  Electroporation, using electrical current to stimulate the cells which in turn tightens and lifts, and Oxygen Infusion which will lighten the discoloration   $40.00

Decolletage – 30 min IPL and LED Light Therapy (preferred 4-6 treatments)  $40.00

Hands or Decolletage – 15 min (add on)  LED Light Rejuvenation Therapy, lightens the dark spots, reduces cleavage wrinkles $25.00

LED Light Rejuvenation – 20 min (face or back)  perfect for acne, sun spots, redness, calming the skin, recommended in between treatments or fantastic on its own to savor the youth and slow down the aging process.  $75.00


We recommend for continued beautification of the skin and cell rejuvenation that you consider series of treatments.  The suggested plan is first month, once a week as a reminder to the cells, followed by every four weeks.   If you purchase more than 6 each treatment price drops to $125.00.  Please call with any questions.  Thank you and hope to see  you soon.


Oxygen Infusion

Revive Your Skin Spa Care San Carlos Oxygen InfusionOur Oxygen Infusion System uses oxygen under atmospheric pressure to infuse special serums geared to your skin condition. The application of pressurized oxygen increases the absorption of the product which helps the skin retain hydration and moisture. We create a visible result that you can instantly see and feel. You’ll walk away from your treatment with extremely hydrated and plumped up skin. This treatment addresses a wide spectrum of skin conditions including:  dehydrated, prematurely aging, sensitive skin, sun damage, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

LED Light therapy

Light therapy has been shown in over 30 years of independent research to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue.  It is very beneficial to treating problems close to the surface of the skin. The light causes these cells to release other cellular products. These products have the effect of dilating (opening up) skin capillary blood vessels. The dilation of these blood vessels leads to an increase in the blood flow. An increase in blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Light therapy restores skins natural cellular activity and promotes tissue regeneration. https://biophotas.com/  FDA Approved, and Made in America.

IPL/LHE Photofacial

LHE Technology (Light & Heat Energy) delivers effective and safe skin care. Its inherent safety and flexibility enables it to be used for a wide variety of applications; Psoriasis Care, Acne Clearance, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Reduction, Collagen Renewal, Vascular and Pigmented Lesion Treatments.http://www.radiancy.com/en/technology/lhe.html

  • Create a natural, radiant glow
  • No down time
  • Homogenize skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lightens brown spots caused by sun
  • Stimulates collagen regrowth
  • Decreases pore size


  • Skin Tightening using RF
  • Muscle Toning using Nanocurrent
  • Sking Firming using a combination of modalities
  • Pore Tightening/moisture Lock using Cooling Mode

The NanoFace Nanocurrent delivers a gentle but direct bio-identical electrical current into the tissue at radio frequencies. This current actually communicates with skin cells to enhance the production of collagen and elastin, eliminating free-radicals, and boosting ATP levels. The results…tighter, firmer, brighter skin with improved texture.

Spa Cancellations

We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, should the need arise to cancel or reschedule, we ask that they are made within 24 hours or you will be charged a $25.00 No Show fee.

Contraindications for the MicroPhototherapy, LED Light and Electroporation treatments are:   pregnancy, pacemaker and possible seizures (like Epilepsy).

Please discontinue use of retinol products at least 2 days before your appointment.




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